Aquarius Woman Traits

What are the traits of Aquarius Woman? What are Aquarius women like? Find more about them.

Traits Of Aquarius Woman

An Aquarius woman has traits like rationality and unpredictability ingrained into her. She can never be emotional and take her decisions; she is bound to be rational in her approach to life. Also, she is quite unpredictable in her manner and thus she leaves others guessing and wary of her. She is a good friend at heart, but doesn't have more than a few close friends. Her traits also include being very rigid in her opinions, to the extent that she will disregard what others tell her. She also has an important sense of mission in her life - that she was born to do something good in the world. In love, she may not be the ultimate in romance as she is detached from her feelings. But is very loyal to her man.